Request - Don't Confuse Manager and Leaders

This is a request to all authors out there (and to corporate executives), please stop inter-mingling the terms Leader/Leadership and Manager/Management. They are not (and never will be) the same thing. That's not to say that managers can't be leaders - it's just not necessary. Too often we make the mistake that "just" because a person was hired at certain position, they are automatically a leader - or that someone that is a natural leader, can manage a group of people. It's just not the case.

Oh, and a small note to those managers that believe people are following them because they are such great leaders - probably not true. Those people are employees and get paid to follow you (sounds kinda bad when you put it that way). This goes double for those managers that use "fear of losing your job" tactics to keep people in line. In the wisdom of Peter Gibbons ( Ron Livingston in the movie Office Space) "...Just remember, people will only work hard enough not to lose their jobs..." - so fear only motivates a person to perform to the level that they won't get noticed, but not to excel.


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