I'm trying a little experiment.....

Thought I would take some of my own advice (isn't that great when you are willing give it, but not will to take any? advice I mean) and look to the "wisdom of crowds" for some help. So, I posted a question on LinkedIn, just to see if anyone could provide any unusual or unique perspectives on a particular problem.

What's interesting about this? Within 30 minutes, I had 4 answers. None of which were earth shattering, but still, that's pretty quick for responses. The question will remain there for 7 days - so it will be interesting to see what "wisdom" there is out there.

Here the link to the question [link]

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  1. Hey Arnie - I've been offline for a while so only saw your post today. You sure have a lot more answers now. The one from Mike B (last at the time of writing this) is quite long and obviously took some thought. I sure will keep this idea in mind next time I have a question to ask someone.
    Cheers - coach


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