Simply Successful Secrets (an internet story - one blog entry at a time)......

I've been tagged by my friend the Coach to provide some insights into my personal success secrets - the only requirement is Keep It Simple. Now, first of all, I equate success with happiness, so if I'm happy in my life, then I'm successful. As others have said, success is your own measure, not someone else's (in fact, if you are driven by other's desire for success, then you probably won't be happy - therefore, not successful).

So here it is....

Be flexible, don't allow your EGO to get in the way. The times I have been most successful, I have just gone with my gut feeling on something (and the opposite has been true more often than not). Now, the precursor to this little bit of wisdom is to work through what you really want - because what you want when you're 16 is not the same thing as what you want when you're 30 - and now that I'm in my mid-40s, my priorities have changed again.

Now, here's the other part of the story....

Here's the "back track" of how I was tagged with this little assignment:

I was tagged by Coach
Coach was tagged by I'm Forty What?
I'm Forty What? was tagged by Mig
Mig was tagged by [can't find that one], but here is the Google Blog Search Results.

Now, what you have to do - if you're spending time to read my blog - is consider yourself tagged. Go create a blog entry with the heading "Simply Successful Secrets" then give yourself a few minutes to think about it (not too much, the best answers are the ones the just "pop" into your mind). Now, because I believe that the power of the internet works and blogs give people the power to reach out to others (and ego drives us all, so search for your blog or name on the internet is something we all do), here are the people I'm going to tag....

The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman
Metrodad - btw, I love the graphic
HitTail - Mike Levin - Mike, why not tell us what secrets you've used at HitTail, there seems to be lots of buzz...
Digital Street Journal - how about it Jonathan?
How about a Celebraty Blogger - Guy Kawasaki - what are your feelings about success (remember the KISS principle employed here)
And I know first hand that Seth Godin searches for his name on the internet - so how about giving the MEME some love Seth?
And last, but not least, how about Sig at Thingamy - he has wisdom to spare.

So there you go - Thanks Coach for including me!!


  1. OK, I'll bite. Rule #1 do vanity searches. One leads to the next, to the next. Right, David Sifry?

    No, but seriously, create something everyone wants. Both Guy K. and Seth G. do this. They're authors, and their offerings is usually advice. My offering happens to be a free service to help people blog better. The more cynical amongst us would call this "link baiting". The less cynical call it reciprocation. To learn all about reciprocation, and all the other rules of influence, Google on a guy named Robert Cialdini. It'll tell you everything you need to know to virtually control minds.

    Respect EVERYONE. There are no enemies--not even your competitors--not even blog owners who slam you for comment spamming. They're all your friends. The trick is just figuring out why.

    Help other people build THEIR online presence by taking invitations like this. Show that the "online discussion" is actually a real thing. Learn from everybody, and most of all... enjoy! Don't let anything get you bent out of shape. Try and try again, but always with respect towards those with whom you are interacting.

  2. Arnie, it occurred to me that you may be looking for more precise advice.

  3. Yes I must agree - go with the gut I have lost count of the decisions I have regretted when I have over thought or over analysed the situation

  4. All is good Mike!! Your responses are fantastic and from what I can tell - HitTail is a "hit" (sorry for the illiteration).

    Coach - good to hear from you and yes - my belief is that success is first and foremost about "personal success" and what that means to each of us individually. And second - if you gut tells you go, then go; if it tells you stay, then stay. There are some wonderful and mysterious powers out there in the Universe all we have to do is figure out how "tune" in just a little bit.

    Cheers all - AM


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