Microsoft vs. Google (and why it doesn't matter)

OK - you've heard the news, Google is coming to an Enterprise near you and Microsoft has finally woken up to Google's phenomenal success. Oh and Microsoft has just released a YouTube killer called Soapbox. And Google is partnering with security companies to make their "software" more appealing to Corporate CIOs. And so on, and so forth.

You know, it doesn't matter. Google is very cool, but they have lots of challenges - one of which is that they really don't dominate anything by Search and Adwords. Microsoft is terrified of cannibalizing their existing revenue streams (even if they KNOW someone else will). They are in a snowball fight, it's fun to watch and someone eventually gets one in the face, but it's not deadly. Google will not "kill" Microsoft's dominance in the Enterprise; Microsoft will never be as cool as Google (or the Mac for that matter). And I just wish that each of those companies realize that fact and they continue the snowball fight and never evolve to throwing really dangerous things (like rocks - because they could put out an eye; grenades, because they blow people up; or A-bombs, because they cause WAY too much damage).

So here's what I've got to say about all this - this world is one of abundance, there is enough for everyone out there, supply will always ebb and flow (along with demand) - sometimes causing shortages, sometimes surpluses; and Microsoft & Google are two companies that will around for a long time.


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