ChangeThis Manifesto: Few and Far Between

Got my ChangThis new manifesto email the other day - couldn't really focus on it until today. The following is one that I found very interesting, mostly because I see this everyday -- so here's the overview and the links...

Few and Far Between:
By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Taleb, author of "The Black Swan," contributes this thought- provoking essay on what we know about what we don't know. A 'black swan' is an improbable, dynamic event that, once it occurs, we rationalize to make it seem predictable ( e.g. 9/11). Taleb discusses that while these black swans are actually impossible to predict, we must relearn how to learn from the impact.

I was going to illustrate how this concept manifests itself in business - but I would have needed to use my personal workday experiences - and I made a decision when I started blogging that referencing my "day job" was a slippery slope and could only cause problems. So, if you feel compelled to hear my personal thoughts on the subject - there's always email ;-)


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