Confessions of a Blogoholic...

Hello, I'm Arnie and I'm a Blogoholic. It's been about 15 seconds since I last looked at a blog, maybe 2 minutes since my last read, and an hour since I commented.

My story is very similar to others I've heard today. I was introduced to Blogs by a friend. He mentioned that He had found this great blog and sent me a link. I read it, thought it was alright, but after reading it, I just went back to learning about open source, reading my emails, and playing a another game of Doom. But, you know, I couldn't get the thought of the blog out of my mind.

So, the next day, I went out searching for more stuff. Searching for all the edgy blogs, you know, the ones about Bigfoot and UFOs - then I started reading about news articles, tech stuff, money, family, almost anything I wanted. I found out that there were so many blogs - so many different topics - you could loose yourself for days.

Then one day I really did it. I started my own blog. Now, I can't stop. I spend hours reading, writing, surfing, commenting, joining social networks. I can't turn on my computer, or check my email without thinking of something to blog about. And I wonder what others are blogging about out there right now, are they going to blog about what I want to blog about? It's madness.

Is there any help? Or am I doomed?

I'm a blogoholic and that's my story.

(please feel free to share your story....)


  1. Ah yes, I can SO relate to this. 15 months ago a friend had this interesting "thing" called a "blog" - two days later I made my first post, and now I've posted 330. I guess I'm not alons here - thanks for sharing (and for stopping by my blog)! All the best.

  2. Hi Arnie . . . ( takes sip of stale coffee and lights another cigarette ).

    I too, am a blogaholic. It's been 10 seconds since my last post.

    All you other bloggers are enabling me!!

    Nice post. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. It's midnight, still at it - I hate myself but can't stop. The only consolation is that I am not alone.

    Brew another pot of coffee and hand me one of those cigarettes, I'm going back in.....

  4. Yep, you're not alone. It's an addiction. I thought we needed to start a BAA, but then I realized that we'd all be too busy blogging to actually go to the meeting!

  5. Add me to the list, although not much time over the last couple of days. Lots of family stuff and several technology related problems, I hate technology sometimes. Solution keep blogging and the family will leave me (kidding I hope) and get a better network.


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