If you have ever thought going into business, read this....

I was surfing LinkedIn Answers and say this question - "Going into business for yourself-What was the scariest perceived and eventually real outcome?" - and just had to blog about it. One of the reasons I like this section of LinkedIn is there are real people, asking heart-felt questions, and are seeking heart-felt answers. The answers can come from anywhere, and anyone, but in most cases, they are thought out and have "purpose".

I answered this one - because I have done my own "thing" a couple times in my life - and would do it again if the situation were right (being older provides a little bit more experience and perspective on things). But I will tell anyone that wants to listen this - If you want to feel real highs and lows in your life, the best thrills and the scariest moments - then start you own business. There is nothing like it - you will pat yourself on the back on minute for doing something great, and the very next you will be on your knees praying for salvation. There are people that will read that statement and think to themselves "I don't want that" - I can only say, it is the height of being alive.

Go check out the question and the answers here.


  1. Arnie, that is a great insight into a topic that occupies my mind on many occasions. My background has made me very risk averse and I often wonder what opportunities have slipped by because of this. Perhaps I should try to also consider the highs that you speak of.

    Also thanks for your comments on my nice4rice post and at nice4rice itself - the feeling is mutual.

    Cheers - coach

  2. Thanks Coach -- there are distractions in our lives - everyday things crop up to help or hinder our progress (does that sound a little philosophical?). And I doubt you have been risk adverse - don't confuse conservative with Risk Adverse - because some of the greatest entrepreneurs in history started their businesses because it was less risky than the alternative.


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