Microsoft Live - Just not quite there....

I have to admit, Microsoft is make some huge leaps and bounds with taking their traditional applications and moving them to be "WebApps". But I have to admit, with all the advances, they just can't quite grasp some of the basics. Case in point, I received the following error when I attempted to sign up for OfficeLive (basic which is free)....

In order to use Microsoft Office Live, you will need to have Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later running on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Microsoft Windows Server 2003. You can download the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Internet Explorer downloads page .

Now, I understand you want to promote your own software - it only makes sense. But to restrict someone willing to try your stuff to only your software, may go somewhat against the grain when it comes to this whole internet thingy. I decided to do a little checking and found out that there is about an even split between Microsoft IE and Mozilla/Firefox - they each own about 40% of the market (anyone that wants to argue about my statement, please go ahead - I said about and approximately). That means that only 40% of the internet population will be able to utilize OfficeLive - seems a little short sighted to me.

I guess it's one step at a time for Microsoft. First realize the web is for real and start taking advantage of it, next realize not everyone uses your browser.

PS...I found the term WebApps on the Enterprise Irregular's blog and like it much better than Software-as-a-Service or SaaS.


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