Getting to the top (or at least Technorati Favorites)

I use MyBlogLog and have really enjoyed finding other blogs - some are interesting and some are well not interesting (at least to me). Of the ones I have come to enjoy, is one written by a gentleman in the Philippines, his blog Untwisted Vortex is what the blogosphere is all about - some person, some business, some observation, and a lot of personality.

Richard (or RT) has his blog on the top 100 favorite sites on Technorati - right now at 94 (but climbing from this weekend). I congratulate RT on this feat - it's not easy getting people to agree on anything, but we all agree on this, Untwisted Vortex is a winner (and one of my favorites).

BTW - I hijacked his logo - hope it doesn't offend ;-)

Go check it out.


  1. Alright, Arnie, just for that I'm going to stick you on my 8 for 1 deal. How do you like those apples?

  2. I have just Favourited you on Technorati.

  3. Thanks! to favorite me on Technorati.


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