At last, an example of why I read blog/article comments.....

What happens when you read an article, by a professional writer, full of facts and well written - but actually like the comment left by some person better?  Well, in this case, I'm sending it to you (only the comment of course, if you want to read the article you have to go here --  -- it's about some Toyota plant in Arkansas) 
Please read the following and try to keep in mind the first paragraph.

I hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag by admitting that I have a pet name for my wife's naughty bits. Years ago it made reviving her engine possible while the kids were still awake. It is a dear silly name to me, so I won't share it.

But after the last few months I've decided to change the name to Toyota. Seems like me, all the State of Arkansas wants is a little Toyota. Marian has a little Toyota, but again like me, it's wanting more. Can one have too much Toyota? I think not.

However, just like at my house, the boss of Toyota controls how much Toyota the world gets and tends to be stingy with it. Oh keeps our interest up and makes sure Toyota isn't taken for granted.

Mr. Lawson implies that Toyota might not be as good as we think it is. But to that I say HAH! Ain't nothing like some Toyota and he can pretend he don't want none, but as a Toyota lover, I know it's a lie.

You might go off and have a little Ford in private with yourself, but it's nothing compared to having a heaping helping of real Toyota. have my deepest sympathy....


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