Google Analytics gets an upgrade

For all those thousands of people that come here to read, I want to highly recommend using Google Analytics to view your web traffic (blogs, sites, boards, etc.). The improvements are too many for me to mention (and besides if you didn't use it before, you won't realize how cool it is now).

But the people at google have really stepped it up with this version - making it easier to see your trends, change the dashboard to your preferences and generally make it much easier to use. And of course there two other major benefits - 1) It's free (always good) and 2) It's fast (can't beat the Google Grid for speed).

OK, now here's my balanced view of what Google is doing. Google wants all the information they can get, including your web visitor stats (even down at the end of the long tail). Every bit of information they gather, their value goes up - then they aggregate traffic to millions of web sites - all categorized by region, type, content, keywords, etc. Now hopefully, they will continue to have a "do no harm" attitude towards all these mini-datapoints they gather (and I believe they will as long as the current leaders are in place, once they leave, all bets are off).

So balance the good with the bad, but at least check it out.

BTW, I also use Statcounter it is my quick view for traffic and I really like and would also highly recommend it.


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