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One of my favorites The Head Coach, has put me on this meme about "thinking" blogger - so I would like to thank him for the considering me. First of all, here are blogs that have already been mentions (in fact, many I would have put on my list, but I guess that defeats the purpose!!)....

Obviously Coach at Can't Coach That -- he mentioned I've been quiet, I have. Spending too much time working and not enough time blogging. And there is that other site I want to get going and my wife ( ShoppingDiva) has her site, but I digress....

Here's the Coach's list (completely and disgracefully ripped from his blog via the all powerful copy/paste)...

    1. Matthew at eJabs who is sick of his best posts not being popular
    2. Rinsem's Rink - two links here in a few days. Along with the Grinders that I mentioned in my post on Saturday there is plenty of interesting stuff to read here.
    3. Arnie at critical assumption has been quiet for the last week or so but I always visit to see what he is thinking about.
    4. Dazed and Confuzed - there is a great mix of humour and thought provoking comments here.
    5. The Wrong Advices - an Aussie blog where the advice is anything but wrong.
    6. Comedy+ - you can never have too many laughs.

Now, the Coach was tagged by another one of my nominees (but of course, he's already been tagged), so I can include Jim at I'm Forty What? But here is his list....

  1. RT at Untwisted Vortex. He works really hard at his blog. What's more, he obviously thinks through his decisions about how he implements his blog.
  2. Head Coach at Can't Coach That. He makes me laugh. What's more, he puts enough thought into his posts so that I don't have to think too much to enjoy them.
  3. Gabrielle at Tech Chick Blog. It's more than just a cute girl blogging about technology. What I think is best about her blog is her dedication and immersion into the social scene that the Internet has become and the passion with which she pursues it.
  4. Kassindra at And To Think . . .
  5. Misa Gracie at My Life My Opinions My Blog

Now, Richard at Untwisted Vortex would be my list, I have my reader tuned into his station - get my daily updates - but of course that's not possible, because Jim (who would have been on my list) mentioned both Coach and Untwisted Vortex - let's go to RT's site and figure out who else I can't use....

Miracles of all miracles, I can't find a post form Richard on this one -- So, if it's there, I must have missed it. But he does have a great article about the proposed changes to the Copyright laws - so you have to check out Untwisted Vortex - besides, he's climbing the Technorati Favorites list - you gotta love it!!
So, in the spirit of this Meme, here we go - to those that go before me, I salute you - here are my Thinking Bloggers....

  1. From the Celebrity Category, the Winner is.......Malcolm Gladwell at -- why him, because I really enjoy his blog articles, although they are bit sporadic (I assume it does it when he needs to unwind or in between speaking gigs, articles, books, whatever). But there is penty of good stuff there.
  2. From the Cool Web Stuff category, the Winner is........The Guys at 37Signals and their blog Signal vs Noise -- these guys are the Web2.0 poster boys - geek gURLs what them and geek boys want to be them. If you say them walking down the street, they would probably emit a visual illusion that would make them look like the "walking" scene from Reservoir Dogs - slow motion, wind blowing in their hair, in step - very cool.
  3. From the "He's a billionaire and owns a NBA team" category, the winner is......Mark Cuban at Blog Maverick -- hey he's got a billion dollars, maybe I could learn something from him - it's worth a shot.
  4. From the "I had an idea for a business and got off my ass and just did" award, the winner is..... Mike at the HitTail Blog -- I found them early and started using them to find "long tail" key words. The cool thing about Mike is that this is an extension to his PR business, what a great way to meld a traditional business with a cool web thingy.
  5. From the "I wish I'd a thought about that" category, the winner is......Fred Grazton at The Lazy Way to Success
So other than the obvious Blogcest that this Meme created and the whole - I love you, no, I love you thing going on - that's my list. No rules (although there are some), no guidelines on how to continue (if you desire). Enjoy.

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  1. Good to have you back Arnie - a typically thoughtful post here about your thinking blogger list. I will be sure to check them out.


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