Now for some blog love...

I'm on a roll tonight, so here are some other blog buddies out there. I enjoy their blogs, their comments and their overall attitude.

Forty What? -- first of all, I can relate to the question (nuff said), second, Jim is one of the rare finds - down to earth, intelligent, articulate and has both fun and serious intermixed within his blog. Regardless of the entry, you will find this one at the top of your daily read list.

eJabs -- I just noticed I don't have eJabs on my blog list (you know the little menu to the right) - I will get that done, but in the meantime - please jump over and read what Matthew Jabs has to say. He's got a little tech talk, a little life talk, a little WTF talk - basically a very good read, just what the blogoshere needs.

There's my link love for the day - now go enjoy yourself!!


  1. Thanks for the mention Arnie. Glad to hear you are a regular reader and like what you find at my site.

  2. Oh man! I just found your Thanks for the plug man, I appreciate it.


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