Going to Football Camp....

This is very American and a Man-thing to do - but when my son asked if he could go to some type of football camp this summer (this happened a few weeks ago), I immediately started looking for something. Now, he has no experience in American Football (this is not soccer) - and I wanted something that would allow him to experience it without getting hurt. So, after looking through the various options (some not for his age group, others full contact, some too far away, etc.) we landed on one that was perfect - it was a one day camp, no pads/hitting and was for his age group, not too much, and about a 1.25 hours away from our house.

So, today is the day - and he is out there sweating and doing drills and hopefully learning something. I'm now waiting and found an internet connection to kill a couple hours. I guess on the way home tonight, he may decide he either loves football or it's too much work. But at least he tried it and for that I'm very proud.


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