Mike Levin of HitTail - a Request

I'm reproducing Mike's email below - he's got a great tool called HitTail (which looks for keywords in the "long tail" for web sites and blogs).  As you can see below, he's also got a new website/service around online marketing - you should check his stuff out.

Hi Arnie,

It's Mike Levin from HitTail, and this email is to get our opt-in email list together, and to ask you a favor.

Did you know that HitTail was "extracted" from a much higher end product, which Connors Communications provides to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies? Although this may be out of the reach for many HitTailers, I would like to introduce you to the new Connors ABCs of online marketing, and ask you to consider forwarding it along to someone in your company or social network who might be interested.

Thanks, and I hope you're enjoying the HitTail service!

To opt out of our occasional emails, go to "My Account" page in HitTail and select your preference in "Email Me Updates" field.

Best regards,

Mike Levin
Chief HitTailer

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