So what is your specialty....

I read that most resumes get a glance - because they don't spark a reaction of - "hey this person deserves some more time". I have to admit, during those times when I had to look at hundreds (ok maybe dozens, but it seemed like thousands), resumes begin to look the same, very drab, very dry, very boring. And how about the effectiveness of job hunting sites? or networking sites? Do they do exactly the same thing - by making your eyes bleed after about 5 minutes?

What's the answer? Because I've read lots of "information" about how to write resumes, how to get your resume found on the internet, how to get that new, exciting career that will be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Here's my body knows (tough truth, but one worth putting into words).

One potential, which makes sense to me, is figure out what you specialize in - what floats your boat, what gets you jazzed, what could you do all day long and actually not want to leave, but keep going. We all have those things we do that drive us - but while going through this exercise, let the "I can't make money at that" thoughts go away and keep repeating to yourself "I could make a living doing that" - hell, as my wife says, if you're going to fantasize, why limit the fantasy to $1m, why not $100m and your own jet!!

Step One: Get prepared to write about yourself. Go ahead and make it a narrative - a story (people like stories) - make yourself the bumbling detective (Columbo), the drive for results executive (Gordon Gecko), the reluctant leader (Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy), the under-achiever success (Seabiscuit) - create your story.

Step Two: Create a one or two page summary of that story. Can you take the story and put it into resume format? Is there a way to convey your experience (professional of course - and assuming legal) in a way that's not too far out (from a format perspective)?

Step Three: Finish your story - write the future narrative. Go ahead, no one's looking. Where your past life is history, why not go ahead and create some fiction for the future. No one creates your future more than you do. No one has the ability to say "fuck it" - I really want to be a lounge singer in Las Vegas; I could really make a living being a gentleman farmer in Northern England; my story ends on a porch swing in the Rocky Mountains; hey jumping out of that plane looked like a good idea; whatever. It's your live, not mine, not someone Else's. (but of course, my disclaimer is, if you have obligations - wife, kids, etc. - be a standup person and meet those obligations).

Hey, what's the worst thing that could happen. You have the same life you have today, at least for a few hours, you'll be living life large and in charge.


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