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Here is the December 5th Edition of the Springwise newsletter with the latest in innovative business ideas.

Female driver in one of Pudracar's BMWs Luxury car service for women in Istanbul
Instead of offering women lower rental rates, which many mainstream rental companies do, Pudracar provides a luxury service that's undeniably feminine. (Not suitable for anyone who doesn't like pink.)

Illustration showing people circling a dollar sign Zopa launches in the United States
Financial services
Two and a half years ago, Zopa launched its social finance concept in the UK. Yesterday, they finally went live in the US. While the basic principle is the same, Zopa US puts a different spin on social lending.

Food sliding off a plate and into a NatureMill Indoor composting made easy (and worm-free)
Eco & sustainability
Home-made composting systems are cheap, clean and produce great fertilizer, but not every consumer wants to deal with worms. San Francisco-based NatureMill offers an effortless alternative.

Cell phone tucked into back pocket Accidental charity in Belgium
Non-profit / Social cause / Telecom & mobile
Belgian ad agency Duval Guillaume came up with a clever campaign that turns accidental calls into accidental donations to the Belgian League for the Blind.

Girl standing between two symbolic gene profiles
Genome mapping services from Iceland and the US
Lifestyle & leisure
Human beings have long wished for a way to know what their genes hold in store for them. It's a wish that's starting to be fulfilled with the emergence of personal genome services.

Close-up of laser printer in action
From the Netherlands: more free printing for students
Marketing & advertising
After registering with StudyPrint, students at Utrecht University can print for free, sponsored by advertisers who run small ads in the margins of printed class notes and reading material.

Handmade chocolates in a handmade wooden box
Bespoke chocolate portfolios, by London chocolatier
Food & beverage
Much like an expert vintner helps a clients stock their cellar with wines that please their palate, Sir Hans Sloane designs unique chocolate profiles.

Students in lecture hall Online note-swapping for college students
Media & publishing / Education
Students at Cornell, USC, Princeton and a handful of other US universities now can pool their resources at TheCollegeFreeWay—a network for sharing notes, outlines, essays, study guides and more.

Male and female pictograms in need of a bathroom break Mobile loo locator for City of Westminster
Life hacks / Telecom & mobile
After texting 'toilet' to 80097, SatLav's users in central London receive a text message with the details of the nearest facilities and their opening times.

Detail of family tree poster Ancestry books & family tree posters
Media & publishing
Genealogy buffs can now pull together the fruits of their hard work and research into handsomely bound self-published books and family tree posters.

Illustration of idyllic community in a valley Fantasy real estate games from California
Gaming / Homes & housing
Price Me Now challenges players to guess the prices of actual homes for sale in their market by viewing photos and property details. Real estate professionals can purchase in-game placement as coaches.

Bug mobile modules Build your own mobile phone
Telecom & mobile / Style & design
Bug Labs wants to harness consumers' creativity by letting them make their own mobile devices. The company's sleek modules and open-source software click together like LEGO blocks. Well, almost.

Face symbols with big smiles but no eyes Open polls gauge popular opinion in minutes
Media & publishing
Online polling sites like Ask500People and BuzzDash allow you to gauge popular opinion on almost any topic and see the results within hours.

Customer suggestion for Timbuk2 Crowdsourced customer service
Marketing & advertising
Working on a notion it calls "people-powered customer service," Satisfaction lets consumers participate in conversations about customer service issues specific to particular companies or products.


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