One of my all time favorite bands -- big love to BHTM

OK, I lived in Denver during the 80's and into the 90's - and my friends and I used to go to a bar called Herman's Hideaway on Broadway - it's one of those great live music venues. But when we first started going there, it was really just a whole in the wall. Bar along one side, tables on the other, small stage up front. It was loud, smokey, crowded, and we loved it.

One of the local bands (actually from Boulder) was Big Head Todd and the Monsters - they played Herman's a lot. They got their 15 seconds of fame, got a couple songs on the radio (outside of KBCO) - but still there are lots of people that have never heard of them. In an effort to change that, here is one of their songs. You can hear more either on YouTube, on their website, on Rhapsody, lots of places - check 'em out.

The video was shot in March of 2007 at the Fox Theater in Boulder (another great venue for those traveling to Denver or Boulder). So yes they are still performing and still recording. In fact, you can download their entire new album for FREE - "All the Love You Need" will be available December 10th - just click here to hear it via the web. Ain't technology great!!


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