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Wine bar's interfaceInteractive wine bar features goatskin display
Food & beverage
A shining example of ubiquitous computing just opened in New York's St. Regis Hotel. A new hotel restaurant called Adour features an elegant, technology-driven wine bar that lets patrons select and learn.

Club head with HOLZundEISEN logo (golfer standing on a car)New brand for a new sport: urban golf
Leisure & lifestyle
HOLZundEISEN -- German for wood and iron -- sells equipment for a sport that's taking off in cities around the world: urban golf. Thanks to the irreverent brand, urban golfers now have their own gear.

Sleep-In logoSoccer fans to share beds at Euro 2008
Travel & tourism
With hooligans grabbing the spotlight more often than not, warm and cozy aren't terms that are normally associated with fans of European soccer. A new Swiss venture called Sleep-In could change that.

Woman in suit (looks happy)Job site for high earners
Marketing & advertising
We've always said everything can be upgraded and the recruiting industry is no exception. To wit: TheLadders, a job site created exclusively for high earners looking for jobs paying at least USD 100K.

Shiny silver model of a DNA strandPremium genome mapping service
Lifestyle & leisure
Personal gene sequencing may be just beginning to make its way into the mainstream commercial world, but it's already getting upgraded. Witness Knome, which offers whole-genome mapping for USD 350K.

Lowdown, frontal shot of a white car
Used cars & price transparency
Of all the markets that could benefit from increased price transparency, the one for used cars surely ranks near the very top. PriceHub gives used-car buyers access to real, current car transaction prices.

Part of Youbar package Custom-made energy bars
Food & beverage
Last year we covered muesli that's mixed to order, and now You Bar has brought another customizable food to the table with its design-your-own nutrition bars.

Recruitment banner from haveyougotthenerve.tv Crowd-managed TV production company
Entertainment / Media & publishing
Have You Got The Nerve aims to be a new type of television production company: one that's created, lead and inspired by a group of 3,000 executive producers.

Big, floating chromosome surrounded by smaller chromosomesDNA-driven dating service
Lifestyle & leisure
'Personal chemistry' has long been a blanket term for all the things that make people compatible (or not). Now, Boston-based Scientific-Match is using DNA to assess human chemistry for dating purposes.

Man in big, round glasses holding a wad of cashPeer-to-peer student loans
Financial services / Education
Peer-to-peer lending is no longer a new concept. But while most facilitate general-purpose lending, Fynanz is taking a niche approach with a service dedicated to funding student loans.


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