Springwise | This week's niftiest new business ideas

Our latest edition is now online. Ideas featured this week:

Viewing area at HiQPremium tire chain focuses on transparency
Visits to auto garages are rarely a pleasant experience, fraught as they are with jargon-filled descriptions, unclear pricing and less-than-pristine surroundings. Not so at the UK's HiQ chain.

Detail of IM interfaceReal-time IM translation
Life hacks
The wired population can zap messages around the planet in an in-stant, but whether those messages are understood is another matter. Language barriers still exist, and that's where SpeakLike comes in.

zzzPhone's displayAffordable phones, built to order
Telecom & mobile
Custom-built phones ordered from zzzPhone are shipped directly from a factory near Shenzhen, China. Customers can tweak to their hearts' delight, adding the features they want and need.

Detail of Tcho's beta batch packagingNext-gen chocolate makers
Food & beverage
Whereas many companies that work with chocolate simply re-melt the heavenly stuff, dedicated newcomer TCHO has built a factory capable of producing 4,000 metric tons of its own chocolate per year.

Photo of a Greenopolis member, plus her green badgeWeb community for greener living
Eco & sustainability / Media & publishing
People band together online to date, discuss politics or lose weight. Now Greenopolis has created a community whose members help each other live in a more earth-friendly manner.

Detail of screenshot showing 'select area of body' Online shopping for medical services
Lifestyle / Retail
The US health-care industry may be best known for its problems. A recently launched Minnesota-based site could give the industry the shake-up it needs.

Two story vaulted house in Burkina FasoBuy one house, give one free
Homes & housing / Social cause
A new project by eco-urban design firm LJ Urban aims to make giving more concrete -- quite literally -- by matching its sales of homes domestically with funds to build homes in Burkina Faso.

Bottle of sunscreen on pre-arrival shopping page Shop-ahead service for hotel guests
Travel & tourism / Life hacks
With increased baggage restrictions and cramped cabin seating, travelling light makes more and more sense. A new service from Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts helps travellers do just that.

FlowRider wave machine in a sporting goods storeIn-store wave riding
Retail / Lifestyle & leisure
A Florida extreme sports store called Adrenalina has gone to the next level by bringing the excitement of its surfing products right into its shopping mall space. Enter the FlowRider.

Front half of an ElectrucBattery-powered trucks
Transportation / Automotive
Back in 2006 we covered GoinGreen's G-Wiz electric cars. Recently, we've begun seeing several options emerge in battery-powered trucks.

Wattson device with a purple glowVisualising energy use
Eco & sustainability / Life hack
Though by no means ubiquitous, household energy monitors have been around for some time. New entries into the space add a splash of style and make understanding energy consumption more intuitive.

Illustration of customer-designed dressMore DIY dress design
Fashion & beauty
Last fall we covered StyleShake, a site that lets consumers design their own dresses, and recently we came across a like-purposed site called Studio 28 Couture.


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