Mail-in Rebates & Why I don't like them...

I understand the business reasons behind mail in rebates - in fact, I have to admit, I actually was a product manager on a product that used them (I know, I was part of the problem).  But as a consumer, I really dislike them.  And here's why...

1.  I have to pay for the sales tax on the product - I know, it's only a "few dollars", but on big ticket items it can add up.
2.  The final price is promote -- as in FREE (or some reduced price), but it's not free, I have to pay money for it, then do all the paperwork and wait for a check to show up in my mailbox.  Promote the price that I have to pay, then say it can be FREE if I do all the work to make it happen - let's start being a little more honest here.
3.  The checks take for ever to show up (and sometimes they actually don't - it happens all the time) - then I have to deposit them in my checking account (and of course the bank decides to take up to 10 days for the check to clear).
4.  It's a pain in the butt

So what do you think about rebates - is there any reason for me to change my mind?


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