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From Springwise -- their latest newsletter on the subject of cool business trends. The one that provides for a DUH moment is the solar powered electric lawn mower - because it just makes sense, it's outside anyway (although I don't think I like the idea of an robot mowing the lawn without supervision). It's time for your weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas! The latest Springwise is now online. Here's a quick run-down of the business concepts featured in this edition:

Illustration of two mothers having teaMembers' clubs for moms
Lifestyle & leisure
In the same way that freelancers are flocking to shared working spaces, stay-at-home moms are happy to find a third space that accommodates both them and their offspring.

Woman with coffee plants in UgandaCoffee life stories link farmers and coffee drinkers
Food & beverage / Eco & sustainability
We've written before about product life stories and how they're bringing transparency to the creation and distribution of consumer products. The latest example? Coffee from Uganda.

Automower buzzing across a lawnRobot mower runs on solar power
Homes & housing / Eco & sustainability
Robot vacuum cleaners are slowly taking off, and robot lawn mowers have been around for over a decade. What's new is a mower that not only trims the lawn all by itself, but does so using solar power.

Tea tin, leaves and glassMore custom-blended tea
Food & beverage
Last year we wrote about Blends for Friends, which sells bespoke custom-blended teas. Recently, one of our spotters came across Design a Tea, a similar -- but more affordable -- option.

Cloakscan monitor and cameraHigh-tech coat check
Lifestyle & leisure
Who hasn't checked their coat at a restaurant and worried about losing the claim ticket? Cloakscan aims to put those worries to rest with a biometric cloakroom system.

Wall deco on an urban terraceTaking wallpaper outside
Homes & housing / Style & design
Back in 2006 we wrote about wallpaper's renaissance and innovative wall graphics. The D Garden Collection is picking up on the same concept and bringing it outdoors.

Video showing a girl recording a video of herselfYouTube contest for eco-minded kids
Marketing & advertising / Eco & sustainability
Marketers caught on long ago to the advantages of involving kids at an early age. Now Whole Foods is applying the notion to the YouTube generation with a video contest focused on green living.

Black and white email invite featuring picture of a vintage airplaneOnline invites, upgraded
Life hacks
The online invitation marketplace is a crowded one, with heavyweight Evite and a raft of smaller contenders all vying for their share. A new site hopes to take online invitations to a new level: stylish and ad-free.

Firewinder at night, in a rural landscapeWind-powered lighting
Homes & housing / Eco & sustainability
The Firewinder, also known as the Original Windlight, is a decorative and completely wind-powered outdoor lamp that transforms the ebb and flow of the wind into an upwardly spiralling, glowing light.

"Find me" transposed on a photo of the Brighton PierLocation-based games lure kids off the couch
Gaming / Mobile & telecom
Getting children back into (physical) action, LocoMatrix has developed location-based games kids can play outdoors using their GPS-enabled mobile phones.



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