30 April 2008 | This week's most sparkling new business ideas

It's time for your weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas! The latest Springwise is now online.
Here's a quick run-down of the business concepts featured in this edition:

Vitamins bursting into water from bottle capTwist-and-release vitamin water
Food & beverage
We've written about VIZcap, a bottling innovation that lets consumers release flavours & supplements into bottled water. Now a line of health drinks has launched using a similar system.

Woman pulling a Keetsa mattress boxEco-mattress in a box
Homes & housing / Eco & sustainability
Whereas many mattresses today include polyurethane, formaldehyde and other materials with questionable effects on the environment and human health, Keetsa is offering a greener alternative.

Espresso portafilter filled with rooibos teaEspresso made from red tea
Food & beverage
Lattes and cappuccinos are widely appreciated, but health benefits are not typically among their virtues. A new contender from South Africa is proposing a healthier alternative: espresso made from rooibos tea.

Text message from BlykZero cents per minute: 100,000 takers so far
Telecom & mobile / Marketing & advertising
For those who have been wondering how ad-supported phone service Blyk is doing, last week it reported that it had reached 100,000 members in Britain in just six months.

Farmer and a fisherwomanMatching program doubles Kiva loans
Non-profit, social cause / Financial services
Kiva facilitates P2P microloans to entrepreneurs in the developing world. It recently found a way to make loans go even further through a partnership with credit card issuer Advanta.

Sign outside Luscious GarageTuned-in garage for hybrid owners
We've already written about premium and female-friendly auto shops and dealers, and now a San Francisco-based company has created an upscale, hybrid-focused garage with a thoroughly green approach.

Guy working on a laptopShort-term mobile internet for travellers
Telecom & mobile / Travel & tourism
RovAir provides wireless mobile broadband aircards, data cards and evdo cards for mobile internet without an extended contract, catering to travellers who only need access for a few days.

Motorbike towing a carTwo-wheeled tow 'truck'
The Retriever is a towing vehicle based on a Honda Goldwing motorcycle, that can worm its way through city gridlock and congested highways like no four-wheeled towing vehicle could ever dream of.

Screenshot of a Google map on SimpatigoRoute planner with a wiki twist
Tourism & travel / Media & publishing
Simpatigo creates maps with descriptions of points of interest along the route. Not only can users search for and get travel routes, but they can also input local attractions of their own.


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