3 Great Career Management Resources [for the connected world]

Looking for a job has changed radically since I graduated college - or at least the ability to find information has changed radically.  Sure, you can still look at the local newspaper classified ads, sure you can still talk to you neighbors or family, or friends.  But now there are real resources to figure out if a company is telling you the truth during a job interview, what the pay actually is and many other details.

The following are three sites that are essential for you manage your [entire] career:

1.  LinkedIn [www.linkedin.com]
This has become the #1 business connection point - you can find people in your geographic area, industry or profession.  And when I say "find" - I mean actually connect with them.  My opinion is there could be more "tools" available - but sometimes things are what they are.  If you are a professional, you need to be on this site - once there, explore it and find out how to maximize your exposure and create connections to other people.

2.  The Ladders [www.theladders.com]
It's different than Monster or HotJobs - it's that arm around your shoulder type of site that actually helps.  There are the normal postings and resumes and recruiters, etc.  But what I've found most helpful are the email newsletters you receive.  They are thoughtful for those in the midst of a job search and are there to remind you that managing your career is YOUR job, no an employer's.

3.  Glass Door [www.glassdoor.com]
Wow!  Companies are not very open.  Have you wondered during an job interview about all the bright and happy people that seem to be milling around the halls?  Or that there is really that much opportunity to advance, to work on exciting projects, to work in such a progressive company - could it really be true?  Glassdoor provides someone to "look" inside a company - see what their current and former employees have to say - and actually cross that mythical line of "salaries" and see what the pay and benefits really are.  This is a great site for those looking around for new opportunities - but if used properly, Executives should be looking at this site as a way to "find out what my employees are telling people" about the company.  Regardless - it is important to get on this site and see what others are saying.

There you go, 3 sites - one goal - Manage your career.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the links.There are many opportunities out there. The only thing now is we want the opportunity or not.


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