Simple Math: 1 x 1,000 or 1,000 x 1

Thinking through some simple math, I started thinking about the following equation...

1 x 1,000 = 1,000

1,000 x 1 = 1,000

And I was trying to figure out which one was better.  They both get to the same place, they both offer the same elegance and simplicity.  I guess this one depends on your perspective, because the answer is the same.  So, to get to a better idea, let's put it to the test [and then each of us can decide which is better].
  • I sell one (1) item for $1,000 and I have $1,000 in my pocket
  • I sell one thousand (1,000) items for $1 and I have $1,000 in my pocket
So, there's my example -- which is better?  Is it better to fine 1 buyer or 1,000?  Is it better to sell something for $1 or $1,000?  Does it matter in the long run?  I believe the answer is key to success and being in tune with "yourself" and how you view [your] life. 

Here's my answer:  It doesn't matter - because each of us has to answer that question for ourselves.  The better one is the one you pick - my suggestion is is think about how you interact with the world -- do you like variety, lots of colors, lots of options - or do you like to to focus on one thing at a time?  Remember it's your choice to make, so make sure it's in line with you and how you view life.


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