Springwise | August 6th, 2008 | Ten smart new ventures for serial & aspiring entrepreneurs

It's time for another rendition of the the latest and hottest trends in the whole wide world!!

White sneaker with red text: I think I'll walkNew sneaker brand depends on crowds for design
Fashion & beauty
Ryz lets users submit graphic designs for a high-top sneaker model. Winning designs are taken into production, netting their designers a lump sum of USD 1000, plus a dollar for every pair sold.

Group portrait of tour guide and customersRecession-proof tourism? Free tours of Euro cities
Travel & tourism / Marketing & advertising
Visitors to many European cities can get elaborate walking tours at no cost. Each tour begins at a central meeting place and lasts two to four hours. Free love for tourists!

Plastic figurine in front of a computer screen displaying its designMore desktop manufacturing for consumers
Style & design
Creative consumers who'd like to turn their 3D designs into tangible objects can now have them produced remotely on one of Shapeway's 3D printers.

Search box on TeachStreet's homepageNow in Portland: local lessons, advertised & reviewed
Education / Marketing & advertising
TeachStreet got off to a flying start in Seattle, where it won praise from both students and teachers for how it promotes classes of all kinds. Hopes are equally high for Portland, where TeachStreet just launched.

Three happy friends Event planning site helps friends split the costs
Life hacks
Planning outings with friends can be tricky, what with scheduling challenges and the politics of splitting costs. A new, UK-based site called Wigadoo, however, aims to make the logistical end easier.

TrekStop vending machine and a bikeVending machines for bicycle parts
Unless they happen to be near a bicycle shop during business hours, bicyclists who break down are typically out of luck. The solution? Vending machines!

Silver and gold pendant featuring a stylized treeFrom Wal-Mart, jewelry with a traceable story
Retail / Eco & sustainability
A new line of gold and silver jewelry offered by none other than Wal-Mart is designed to deliver affordable jewelry that can be traced back to the sustainable mine it came from.

Four fabric swatches on DawandaDesign-before-you-buy on German version of Etsy
Style & design / Retail
On Dawanda -- an online marketplace for handmade goods -- consumers can customize products and have them made to order by one of the site's members.

Happy woman in pink shirtJob site for working parents
Marketing & advertising
A few years ago we wrote about a Canadian classified ad site designed for moms seeking jobs. Inspired by that story, an Australian entrepreneur launched a similar site in her own country.

Serene-looking woman getting a massageMobile beauty salon makes everything transparent
Fashion & beauty / Marketing & advertising
Launched in the UK in April, Return to Glory is a platform for mobile beauty experts that bring a wide range of beauty, massage and fitness services to clients' homes, offices, weddings and events.


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