Flash of Genius | a movie to put on your 'must see' list this Fall

I have only seen the trailer, but even the trailer strikes a cord with me. I'm predicting that Flash of Genius will be one of those Oscar night success stories when they hand out the awards next year [and all that from just a trailer]. Now, I'll admit, I'm a sucker for this type of movie -- Seabiscuit, Cinderella Man, A Beautiful Mind, Remember the Titans, Tucker -- all these movies had the feeling of the little guy beating the odds.

In Flash of Genius, we have a guy [Robert Kearns] inventing an everyday item [the intermittent wiper]. Thinking that he has just struck gold, he takes his idea to Ford Motor Company and they love it. The problem is, they don't pay for it [or in business terms, license his idea] - they take it and start using it as their invention, their technology, their innovation. Now, instead of falling into the deep depression that many of would fall into, Robert Kearns decides to fight back.

Think about that - it's the 1960's - big companies rule, anyone bucking the establishment is considered a communist or revolutionary [hippies, yippies, freaks]. And this is just one guy against one of the biggest companies in the world - they have the money, the time and the ego to crush this one guy. This is before the age of the internet or computers or the ability to digitally timestamp your work.

I'm glad there are people like Robert Kearns - and I'm glad there are film makers that believe in the strength of a project like Flash of Genius - I for one can't wait to see it.


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