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Springwise has changed their email newsletter format -- see below. I clicked through to the "crafting blueprint" story -- I think it's interesting because I remember doing models as a kid and the fun I had doing them. Of course, this is before the world of video games, internet, home computers and 100's of TV stations [kinda shows my age doesn't it?]. Enjoy the stimulation and remember, we all have success hard wired into us, maybe one of these ideas will start you down the road. Enjoy.

Springwise newsletter | New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds

Hi Arnie,

It's time for your weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas! Our latest (extra long) issue is now
. Here's a quick run-down of the promising new businesses featured on Springwise
this week:

Paying to break stuff at a smash shack

Meeting rooms, upgraded

Reusable lunch kit for kids

Connecting online and off with rfid for the masses

Safety controls for parents of teen drivers

Crowdsourced fabric design


Selling product blueprints to crafty consumers | Style & design

Using video games to make seniors safer drivers | Automotive | Education

Eco cheap: green shoes for under $30 | Fashion & beauty | Eco & sustainability | Retail

Desktop manufacturing, minus the special software | Style & design

Being space for a microbrew | Food & beverage | Marketing & advertising

Online marketplace focuses on mid-century design | Retail | Homes & housing

Design competition seeks alternatives to museum shop coffee mug | Retail

Connecting designers and developers | Media & publishing

Using a cell phone to track carbon footprint | Telecom & mobile | Eco & sustainability

More intention-based shipping | Transportation | Life hacks

Twitter for enterprises | Life hacks | Telecom & mobile

GPS navigation for disabled drivers | Automotive


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