Springwise for Oct 1st | This week's most refreshing new business ideas

In every economic era, during both booms and busts, there are opportunities. You just have to look for them. Here's some ideas to get you started....

Blue phototherapy light in hotel bathroom
Hotel helps guests fight jet lag
Tourism & travel
Among the amenities in Westin's Concept Room are Philips' new blue-light ActiViva lamps, which provide phototherapy and help guests feel more alert, awake and energized.

Pop-up Aqua bar Pop-up nightclubs launch in Singapore
Lifestyle & leisure
Aqua's two-storey-high mobile party platform is modelled out of shipping containers using a transforming mechanism that allows a single container to open up to three times its original size.

Bed in premium Yotel room Yotel opens its first airside hotel
Tourism & travel
At Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, Yotel is based airside, offering travellers a private sanctuary where they can have a shower, take a nap and get some work done without leaving the terminal.

Icons on an Open Green Map Eco maps go mobile and open source
Eco & sustainability
Combining the expansion of the mobile internet and the desire to live green, Open Green Maps uses technology to connect communities in the real world.

The Rubyist: a magazine published on demand Magazine publishing for everyone & every niche
Media & publishing
MagCloud, a new self-publishing magazine service from HP Labs, enables anyone who can create a PDF to publish and sell a magazine promoting their own talents or their favourite (niche) topic.

LeAnn Rimes Auctioning the rights to popular songs
Aiming to connect songwriters and fans in a new way, SongVest has
developed a platform for live and online auctions of songwriters' rights that lets consumers buy as much as 100% of the rights to a song.

A Yahoo camera-bike Camera-bikes broadcast offline life to Flickr
Marketing & advertising
Each "yBike" is given its own, dedicated Flickr account. The cameras are rigged to take photos every 60 seconds while the bike is moving and the photos are immediately uploaded and geotagged.

Ecovative founder holding a giant cheque Ecovative wins PICNIC Green Challenge 2008
Eco & sustainability / Homes & housing
Ecovative Design, maker of Greensulate, just won the PICNIC Green Challenge award for 2008 -- a EUR 500,00 prize awarded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

White swim cap featuring Springwise logo Swim caps with a splash of customization
Style & design
For those who worried that there were limits on the products to which the customizing concept could still be freshly applied, a new site out of Canada now lets consumers design their own swim caps.

Peek device $100 device is just for email
Telecom & mobile
In a world populated by gadgets with increasingly varied and complex capabilities, there stand out a lone few that do just one thing really well. Peek aims to be that gadget for email.

Photo of a woman wearing a pink scarf More style advice, courtesy of the crowds
Fashion & beauty / Media & publishing
Reflecting the notion of the self as a product in need of marketing and refinement, we have RestyleMe, a site that generates crowdsourced advice on personal style.


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