ThinkFree Netbook Edition is out now!

I've written before about ThinkFree and still believe it is one of the top online office productivity suites available on the internet right now. They have created a new edition of their application and I believe it is will be a winner for those people wanting to get away from the shackles of Microsoft Office.

The announcement below came to into my email inbox -- so click through and get more information about the great applications available through ThinkFree.


ThinkFree Netbook Edition is out now.

ThinkFree Netbook Edition

ThinkFree Netbook Edition

ThinkFree Netbook Edition is the most suitable office suite for Netbooks and mobile devices.
Get your Free 30-Day Trial now. Once you use our Netbook Office Edition, you'll never go back to using a traditional office suite again.

ThinkFree Manager Version 3.5.2. has been updated.

Improved features allow you to easily delete, move, and rename files in ThinkFree Manager without being connected to your online storage.

You can start using ThinkFree Manager for free by downloading ThinkFree Office. If you haven't installed ThinkFree Office yet, you can download it by going to

Please let us know if you have any questions by visiting us at

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