When Blogs Unite | Blog Action Day 2008

Did you miss it? Today was Blog Action Day. Bloggers from around the world - those that write words, those that post pictures, those that do videos - got together to promote making the world a better place. The subject was Poverty and how to end it. There were over 12K participants [at least those that registered] and thousands of others that just mentioned the site in passing.

So how powerful is something like this -- well I decided to snag a picture of their site traffic [provided by my favorite stat site, Statcounter] - here's their traffic for the last 14 days -- look at the "upswing".

So what happens when bloggers, those unsophisticated masses out there, get together. I don't really know. There is either going to be a huge swell of activity, lots of action -- or nothing. Regardless of the outcome, it's great to see people coming together - sharing ideas, opening up and talking about issues - rather than pointing fingers.


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