Springwise for Nov 11, 2008 | Ideas worth investigating

This afternoon, I was watching the stock market - wondering would end up or crash - and it ended up!!  Although still down for the week, any good news is welcome right now.  So to celebrate both the weekend and an up day on Wall Street -- here are all the trends fit for investigating.  Enjoy!


It's time for your weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas! Our latest issue is now online. Here's a quick run-down of the promising new businesses Springwise featured this week:

Cover of personalized Offbeat GuidePersonalized travel books combine search & curation
Media & publishing / Travel & tourism

Offbeat Guides creates personalized, up-to-date travel guides to more
than 30,000 travel destinations using a combination of search
technology and curation by both amateur and professional experts.

Various drinkablesBuy a (real) beer for a Facebook friend
Food & beverage / Retail

It may be better to give than to receive, but for those on the receiving
end, real-world gifts trump virtual ones. No surprise, then, that we're
seeing more ways for online friends to give each other offline presents.

iMac in a Mama Shelter hotel roomParisian hotel puts an iMac in every room
Travel & tourism

By replacing the ubiquitous in-room TV with the multimedia Apple
iMac, Mama Shelter mimics the same type of shift going on in many

White T-shirtFree T-shirts for targetted consumers
Marketing & advertising

Companies tell Gitchers what types of consumers they'd like their
T-shirts to be sent to -- women aged 35 to 50 in Chicago, for example
-- and Gitchers matches them with consumers who want a free T.

Promo for Indie Next ListOnline community promotes indie bookstores
Retail / Marketing & advertising

IndieBound's mission is to help people across the United States
share and find independently owned businesses, starting with

Packet of Blended Bliss protein shakeDesign your own protein shakes
Food & beverage

Earlier this year, we featured You Bar, which lets customers order
custom-made energy bars. The company recently expanded its
offerings with a new line of design-your-own protein shakes.

Black Ovei podHigh-tech pod offers total immersion
Homes & housing / Lifestyle & leisure

A bespoke, high-tech capsule, the Ovei offers a highly immersive
experience that provides its owner with a strong dose of "me time,"
far removed from the demands of others.

Snippet from a college reviewTransparency goes to college
Education / Media & publishing

A few new sites offer a way for students to share an insider's
perspective on campus life, from dorms to campus hotspots to local


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