What's the most fun you can have with a Jet Pack?

I guess it's flying over the Royal Gorge in Colorado.  And incase you aren't impressed with this feat, here are some stats about the Gorge and the Jet Pack...
  • The Royal Gorge (also Grand Canyon of the Arkansas) is a canyon on the Arkansas River near Cañon CityColorado. With a width of 50 feet at its base and a few hundred feet at its top, and a depth of 1250 feet in places, the 10-mile-long canyon is a narrow, steep gorge through the granite of Fremont Peak. It is one of the deepest canyons in Colorado. [Source:  Wikipedia]
  • The Jet Pack is powered by powered by hydrogen perioxide.  The frame for the pack is high tech, light weight and made from carbon-fiber technology.  It can only fly for about  30 seconds and can reach speeds of 70+ miles per hour.  And it is strapped to someone's back - no parachute, no wires, no safety harness, no net - it is a real live high-powered engine, inches away from skin and bone -- and the point of the thing is to lift you off the ground and "shoot" you foward.
And just to in case you were curious, the technology and company are backed by a sponsor -- yes, it's the pot and the kettle working together -- science and marketing -- to bring us all this fun.

But it worked, no one was hurt and it makes for some incredible video.


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