McKinsey Quarterly | Smart cost-cutting in the downturn

Posting this email newsletter, mostly because I think it's interesting that McKinsey is writing about "smart" cost cutting because of two facts...
  1. I would imagine that one of the their tips does not include getting rid of them as your management consultant.
  2. Some of their best and brightest help create some of the most disasterous financial "vehicles" and "products" -- some of their ideas were central to how we got in this mess.  Of course, very few people will right about, but then again, McKinsey didn't actually get that much bad press from the Enron demise either.
The McKinsey Quarterly

Smart cost-cutting in the downturn

Is it possible to cut costs in a way that positions a company for success after the downturn? The articles below look at how to achieve that alluring but elusive goal in operations, customer service, talent management, and information technology.

Freeing up cash from operations

Maintaining the customer experience

Upgrading talent

Managing IT spending



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