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The title for the post was inspired by a tweet I received from Humby Valdes one of the founder of OpenZine [btw, he started OpenZine with his brother Kiki] - when I asked what he meant, he replied with the following:

"think of a blog as a newspaper (what is new right now) and OpenZine is a magazine (360 view of what happened)"

Now, I've had this blog for awhile - don't remember exactly when I started it, but a while back. And I have played around with blogs since at least 2001 in various open source formats. The blog premise is primarily a steam of conscientiousness - a diary - or as the as the name implies, it's a "log" file. Blogs are not necessarily fancy [although they have gotten that way] and their basic function is to create a time-stamped entry. Few people that will dig through the archives of a blog, because as Humby stated "its about right now".

Magazines are different - people collect magazines. They are less about now and more about the experience - the beauty of something or the complexity of something. They are topical, informative and many have a shelf life of years. Does that translate to the internet? Can you truly make a magazine come alive online - or is it only defined by the tactal feeling of paper?

Here what they say about themselves...

OpenZine began as an idea in 1993 to create a publication that was open to ideas from different perspectives and multiple sources. As it grew, readers would send in letters, articles & pictures that were often included in issues. OpenZine would later become one of the most acclaimed Zine’s of it’s time.

Back then, the heart of OpenZine was heavily based on layout and graphics.

Aside from its initial success, OpenZine hit hard times. Then later Kiki went off to college. Humby fell into deep depression thinking his life’s passion was dead. All was lost! OpenZine would never publish another issue, so he thought…

Seven years later, on a drive up to Tallahassee to visit Humby’s daughter, lighting hit! Print is dead but OpenZine can live again! In 2008 that original idea from 1993 advanced to allow everyone to create their very own version of OpenZine. Giving users all the possible tools they'll need to discover, create and socially share information.

I like the concept and agree that blogs can take you only so far, but for a few, what's needed is more expression - and more beauty. Below are example magazines available through OpenZine...

Metro Station is the best band ever, so you are wonder what are there name well Trace Cyrus is Miley Cyrus brother and Mason Musso is Michal Musso brother Blake Healy and Anthony Improgo famous for his YouTube show AntCam, Trace Cyrus is 19 years old and from tennessee Mason Musso is 19 and from Texas Blake Healy is 27 and from michigan and Anthony Improgo is 19 and from Seattle, They only have one album called "Metro Station"

HumbyZine's Review...Business success using social media is the future of business. Joel Postman lays out a clear path to keeping your customers happy and talking about your brand.

The Art of ZARUM...I am an Artist with an understanding of what my Art is and where it's destiny lies. It is, like anything worthwhile in my life, a passion which must be satisfied. My work is for sale and select commissions are considered. In my art, I address everyone who dares to see beauty in creation, anyone who allows themselves to be inspired about freedom, all who believe in tenderness, In this publication I want to share my thoughts, expressions, art, and more about the Artist.

I think the web has evolved to the point where we need to be more creative - move beyond single "entries" and begin thinking about creating something lasting. OpenZine looks like a place to do that - to step beyond the moment of "now".  

So if you believe you need something more than a blog, then why not a OpenZine? The implementation seems straight forward and what you can create something "more".  Good luck to OpenZine - Humby and Kiki - we need something more than blogs and this is just the place to do it.  


  1. Thanks Arnie I think you hit the nail on the head. The site also includes an online image editor so you can create your cover and graphics online.

  2. Anonymous2/11/2009

    Hi Arnie,

    I have to agree that OpenZine is awesome and I believe it to be the Blog Talk Radio of 2009...

    Humby and his brother have created a wonderful system that allows you to be you... and follow your passions and write and create a magizine styled blogging masterpiece, if you choose to!

    I've created 5 issues since late 2008 and if you get a minute you should go out check my addition to the mixx:

    Your Online Security Authority eZine!


    Bill Wardell


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