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Looking through the list below, I decided that we do live in both scary and exciting times. It's scary because we now know just how fragile our financial world really is - but exciting because out of chaos there's opportunity. And if you're looking for ideas - either to purchase or start a business - this list is a great place to start. Enjoy!

Springwise newsletter  New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds

Person using exercise ballOnline practice dispenses self-help physio advice
Lifestyle & leisure

Patients can often self-manage their recovery with the help of some
expert advice. That's the premise behind a new physiotherapy practice
that focuses purely on dispensing self-help guidance online.

Extreme logo stamped in the snowMore low-impact branding from Curb: snow tagging
Marketing & advertising

Curb -- the media agency that specializes in campaigns using natural
materials -- called to let us know that they'd added another novel
medium to their offerings: snow tagging.

Screenshot of table booking systemRestaurant lets patrons reserve a specific table
Food & beverage

Madrid restaurant chain Wagaboo is following the lead of airlines
and theatres, allowing customers to pick and reserve a specific table

Screenshot of Wonga slider toolMini loans in minutes
Financial services

Technology makes the world move ever faster, and a British startup
aims to bring that velocity to the world of financing: Wonga offers tiny,
instant loans through online-only applications.

Coke vending machine with huge touchscreenTouch-screen Coke machine for interactive vending
Food & beverage / Marketing & advertising

Developed in conjunction with Sapient, Samsung's uVending touch-
screen technology brings a whole new level of consumer interaction
to automatic vending.

Female radio person talking into micTuning into a personalized radio tribute
Lifestyle & leisure / Entertainment

Launched in November 2008 by two British radio presenters,
Fauxshow creates personalized radio shows that put a recipient in the

Adidas logo in turfMedia agency focuses on low-impact advertising
Marketing & advertising / Eco & sustainability

Curb creates branded sand sculptures of all sizes; burns patterns and
logos into wood using magnifying glasses; and offers a 'logrow'
service to cut logos as big as 30m wide into turf.

A Poken pandaHigh-five the panda to connect online
Lifestyle & leisure

After meeting and greeting in the real world, users who want to
connect online can whip out their Poken keyrings and 'high five' them
to exchange details by RFID.

Wind map of Europe on First LookWind-energy mapping tool now covers the world
Eco & sustainability

When we last wrote about the FirstLook mapping tool for new-energy
entrepreneurs, it covered only the United States. Now, the wind-
mapping service has expanded to cover the whole world.

G-1 phone being used to find ATMING application for G1 phone points to nearest ATM
Financial services / Telecom & mobile

ING's Wegwijzer tool for finding ATMs is the (Google) phone equivalent
of asking a human for directions and having them point to what you're
looking for. No map-reading necessary.

Bixi bikes, parked & ready to goBixi brings urban bike-sharing to North America

Bixi follows the standard bike sharing principles: users take a bike
from a stand, ride it to where they want to go, and drop it at another
stand when they're done.

The Groove Armada ladsMusic by Groove Armada, distribution by Bacardi
Entertainment / Marketing & advertising

Six weeks before Groove Armada will release their new EP through
traditional download stores, the first track appeared Bacardi B-Live,
where registered users can download it for free.

Brand Girl's logoBlogger helps connect consumers and brands
Media & publishing / Marketing & advertising

Partner manufacturers will send samples of their latest products to
Brand Girl, who will review them on her blog, getting readers involved
through contests, giveaways, etc.

Golden Retriever's headFavour-granting site helps friends help each other
Life hacks

People seeking a babysitter, job referral or help moving a couch, to
name just a few examples, can all use FriendlyFavor to ask for help,
as can people with favours to offer.

Illustration of overweight people in a dinerThe nutritional low-down on fast-food restaurants
Food & beverage / Telecom & mobile

For each of the fast-food restaurants on Fatburgr, the site lists the
calories, fat, carbs and fibre content for each menu item, and users
can sort the list by any of those criteria.


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