2 September 2009 | This week's most promising new business ideas

Springwise newsletter  New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds

hibsystem Eco houses snap together using Lego-style blocks
Eco & sustainability / Homes & housing

Based on modular blocks created from local Black Forest pine and
insulation materials, HIB-System homes can be assembled quickly
by consumers themselves or with limited help.

lcafe Tokyo cafe puts samples on the menu
Marketing & advertising / Food & beverage

With every order of food or drinks at LCAFE, customers receive an
L Coin, which can be redeemed for free samples at the cafe's
sample bar.

kedaibalitaku Healthy meals at sponsored food carts for kids
Food & beverage / Non-profit / Social cause

Designed by Saatchi & Saatchi to be both appealing and accessible to
young children
, the carts are equipped with hand-washing stations and
display nutritious food at child's-eye-level.

twitteropera Royal Opera House uses Twitter to write a libretto

The Twitter Opera's libretto consists entirely of 140-character tweets
that the ROH received from members of the public, set to original
music composed by Helen Porter.

koda Social recruiting site bridges Facebook and LinkedIn
Life hacks

KODA allows emerging talent and smart companies to go beyond the
resume or traditional job posting with employer and employee profiles
that let both sides of the hiring equation to get to know each other.

beafootballhero Instant & personalised winning-goal commentary
Lifestyle & leisure

Thanks to Be A Football Hero, football / soccer fans have the chance
to hear a true-to-life commentary of that dream game that features
them in the starring role.

gliider Firefox add-on helps plan trips and find travel deals
Tourism & travel / Life hacks

Brooklyn-based Gliider makes it easy for travellers to keep track of
all the interesting ideas they come across while researching and
planning a trip.

totapress Handmade greeting cards by monthly subscription
Style & design

TOTA's subscription service is a card-of-the-month program
whereby subscribers get two copies of a one-time, handmade card
sent to their door each month.

comotivate Site matches motivation 'buddies' with shared goals
Life hacks

Comotivate aims to help users succeed in attaining a variety of
goals by pairing them with motivation 'buddies' who share the
same objectives.

tastecastingConnecting restaurants and bloggers for 'tastecasting'
Food & beverage / Media & publishing

TasteCasting facilitates the use of social media for taste tests and
other promotional events to help restaurateurs get tongues wagging
about them throughout the socially networked world.

unitedprosperity Fighting poverty through microloan guarantees
Non-profit / Social cause

A traditional microloan or donation of USD 100 delivers roughly that
same amount to the entrepreneur in need, but providing a loan
guarantee can result in a much larger loan from a local bank.

woolandthegang All-in-one kits for style-sensitive knitting novices
Fashion & beauty / Lifestyle & leisure

Fourteen kits comprise Wool and the Gang's do-it-yourself line, each
complete with the necessary yarn, a pair of wooden knitting needles,
a pattern, a sewing needle and patches.

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