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sweetflour Customised cookies, baked to order in 2 minutes
Food & beverage / Retail

Toronto's Sweet Flour Bake Shop lets patrons design their own
baked treats and eat them fresh from the oven just two minutes

morningchicness Chic vomit bags for morning-sick moms
Style & design / Life hacks

Aiming to do away with the frantic search for an appropriate
receptacle, Morning Chicness Bags offer a way for expectant
moms to always be prepared.

food52 52 recipe contests to spawn crowdsourced cookbook
Media & publishing / Food & beverage

food52 has a clear premise: 52 weeks, 52 recipe contests, and a
crowdsourced cookbook to celebrate the result. The site is now in
its 13th week, soliciting recipes for best beef salad & best fruit tart.

zipcarbikeracks Zipcar perks: bike racks & passes to national parks

Two dozen Subaru Imprezas and Outbacks in Seattle and Portland
have been fitted with complimentary bike racks for autumn, while
several dozen other Zipcars include free passes to regional parks.

dominosdoors Domino's delivers pizzas to doors on beach & in park
Marketing & advertising

Aiming to broaden its delivery horizons beyond home and office,
Domino's Pizza in the Netherlands recently placed white delivery
doors in the park and on the beach.

relationshipcare Philips expands line of massagers for couples
Lifestyle & leisure

Citing increased "cocooning" at home and a correspondingly
heightened focus on couples' intimate relationships, Philips is
expanding its offerings in a category it calls relationship care.

zinepal Web-to-print tool creates personalized magazines
Media & publishing

Helping readers take blogs and other web content offline,
Zinepal lets any user convert their favourite online content into
ebooks and printable, magazine-style PDFs.

gobyo Guide to BYO-friendly restaurants
Food & beverage

GoBYO maintains a database of more than 17,000 restaurants
that allow patrons to bring their own wines in 10 metropolitan
regions of the United States.

ideasculture Service uses Twitter to crowdsource ideas overnight
Marketing & advertising

Offering crowd-brainstorming capabilities overnight is Ideas
Culture, an Australian firm that puts creative thinkers around the
globe to work via Twitter to solve a client's problem by morning.

jailhousefireHot sauce made and marketed by prisoners
Food & beverage

Incarceration isn't stopping a group of inmates in Florida's
Hillsborough County Jail from making and selling their own
line of hot sauce.

hubbyhubby Ben & Jerry's Hubby Hubby celebrates gay marriage
Food & beverage / Social cause

On the first of this month, gay and lesbian couples in Vermont
gained the right to marry. By way of celebration, Ben & Jerry's has
renamed its well-known Chubby Hubby ice cream Hubby Hubby.

schoolfundtrust School lunch menus published via Twitter
Education / Food & beverage

Since parents have indicated that they don't know what's on school
menus, the UK's School Fund Trust has partnered with Somerset
County Services to publish its menu each day via Twitter.

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