Say "You Lie" during the President's speech - Get $1.5 million.

The following is an excerpt from an Associated Press article and provides the background...

The dispute, by capturing the attention of Republican and Democratic loyalists, has been a financial bonanza for both Wilson and his expected challenger in next year's election, Rob Miller. Each has raised some $1.5 million in contributions since the speech last week. [from "House Nears Vote to Abmonish Wilson Over 'You Lie' " by Jim Abrams & Ben Evans (AP) ]

Now, what I find interesting is that we have entered such a polarized time. Remember back about 12 months, there weren't many GW Bush lovers running around - in fact, Bush-bashing was pretty much the rule - blamed for everything from the War [which he did get us into] and the economy [not entirely his fault - deregulation of the banking industry kinda helped there] and of course the general downfall of the American way of life.

Enter stage left, President Obama. So many firsts here that he instantly rewrote the record books before even spending a day in his new job. Twelve months later, he has not only ruined the American way of life, he is propelling us into a new era of socialism. Of course, something had to be done with the economy [can't let the banking system completely melt down] and Wall Street [money has to move for the economy to work] and our top line industrial companies [we have to produce stuff]. So, here we are trillions of dollars thrown to wind - 10% unemployment - chaos ruling the financial markets - and all Obama wants to do is reform health care. Well good luck.

So, if Representative Wilson and his challenger Rob Miller can utilize a little insensitive indiscretion [nothing big, just calling the President of the United States a liar during his speech being broadcast live] and get a few bucks for their next campaign. Then I say, add a few F-bombs into the mix and a couple racial slurs - that might get you into the big money!! [oh, just a little side not. our elected representatives should quit being so sensitive to being elected "Representatives" of the common people -- I've noticed that many of them like to be called "Congressman/woman" rather than "Representative" - I don't see many Senators wanting to be called "Congressman/woman" instead of Senator - but it would be just as appropriate. I say, be proud of being a representative of the people.]


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