CHANGE - why is it so hard...

Have you ever wondered why changing something in your life is so hard - even things you know that are "bad" for you [like smoking or eating pizza]? It's hard because of two things that are central to human beings...

  1. It's Awkward -- and that creates an opportunity to look really stupid. Trying new things in our lives or changing the things we do - starts off being awkward. Here's a trivial, but important example...Clasp your hands together, interlocking your fingers. Notice which thumb is on top [and which pinky is on the bottom] - now unclasp your fingers - and re-clasp with the opposite thumb on top and pinky on the bottom. How does it feel? I bet awkward. Now - it such a trivial thing feels awkward - how about something bigger like learning to water ski or public speaking?

  2. Acceptance of your core group of supporters -- changing something in your life may change the people who you see everyday [if you change jobs or relocate to another city]; it may change who your friends are [if you stop drinking, that may require not seeing some of your friends]; or any social activity. The change you make, may affect more than just the change - it may change your life across the board. Little changes are hard enough, but big ones that change a lot of things -- that's a different type of courage to undertake.

Look - change is going to be hard - but it may be the best thing ever. I may just be something that you look back at and say "Why did I do that?". But if there is anything that we need to embrace and be willing to endure it is change - because it usually happens if we want it to or not.

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  1. Change can also be revitalizing - you can get a fresh view of yourself and your talents. Once you've made the change, you find new energy, different perspectives and sharper perceptions. Like the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, we have to change to live.


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