Springwise for 10-7-2009 | The best ideas for business freshness

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regiomat Farmers use vending machines to sell local produce
Food & beverage / Retail

The result of a collaboration between a farm and a vending machine
manufacturer, Regiomat machines currently sell fresh milk, eggs,
butter, cheese, potatoes and sausage in thirteen German towns.

sellabandpublic Public Enemy uses Sellaband to fan-fund new album

Crowdfunding venture Sellaband is expanding its model to include
musicians who have already made a name for themselves. First
up: Public Enemy, planning their thirteenth album.

kinded Cards to inspire random acts of kindness
Non-profit / Social cause

Aiming to make random acts of kindness more frequent, KIND
Snacks has launched an effort that uses 'pay it forward' cards to
remind people to be kind.

nascentart Wedding registry for original art
Style & design

Should marriage really be celebrated with pots, pans and food
processors? Aiming to offer a less dreary alternative, a New York
art gallery has launched a registry service.

questionbox Operator-assisted web search in India & Uganda
Life hacks / Non-profit / Social cause

Proving that the internet's information doesn't always have to
appear on-screen, Question Box brings the web's intelligence
to offline and low-literacy communities.

gemcar Deluxe golf carts as neighbourhood transportation
Automotive / Transportation

Electric cars are far from mainstream, but in several US
neighbourhoods, golf carts and other diminutive electric vehicles
are part of the very fabric of community life.

jettsgym No-frills gyms, open 24/7
Lifestyle & leisure

Aiming to set itself apart from all of the other gyms and health clubs
in Australia, Jetts Gym offers cheaper memberships by cutting costs
and shirking little-used or unnecessary services.

16apps App recommendations based on your tweets & status

Telecom & mobile

16apps scours users' Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed or LastFM
accounts for information about their hobbies, lifestyle and location.

maternitydenim Adjusting jeans for pregnant waistlines & back again
Fashion & beauty

Pregnant mothers simply send in their favourite jeans, and Denim
Therapy inserts expandable side inseams in the pants that will
move and grow as the woman's belly expands.

car2go Smart use of the Smart brand: car-sharing by Daimler
Automotive / Transportation

Aiming to grab a share of the growing car-sharing market, Daimler
created car2go, which enables customers to order and pick up a
Smart car within minutes.

istocklogo Logos off the rack, created by the crowds
Marketing & advertising

iStockphoto is already a familiar name for its low-priced stock
photography, illustrations and multimedia files. Next up: a line
of user-generated corporate logos.

fitbit Wearable device tracks fitness data 24/7
Lifestyle & leisure

Fitbit is a small device the user can wear around the clock for
continuous, automatic and comprehensive reporting on fitness-
related activities and sleeping habits.

ekomini Interactive piggy bank teaches kids about money
Financial services / Education

The Ekomini Treasure Chest features a patented coin-reader
technology and hooks up to a computer via USB, enabling children
to keep track of their savings and learn basic financial skills.

shiply Intention-based shipping brought to UK

Shiply is a free online marketplace where transport companies bid
on shipments listed by consumers, helping fill empty trucks and
giving consumers access to cheap shipping.

builderscrap Online exchange for builders' surplus goods
Eco & sustainability

Hoping to keep waste out of landfills, BuilderScrap is a free site for
the construction trade that aims to connect builders who have extra
materials with those who need them.

academicearthap Free Ivy League courses for high-schoolers
Education / Media & publishing

The new lecture series is aimed at students taking Advanced
Placement exams, which give them a chance to study college
level material and potentially earn credit towards a future degree.

trustart 'Stock market' for art to crowdfund 10 public projects
Style & design

Each project is assigned a certain number of shares -- equal to
twice its funding target -- and half of those shares are automatically
assigned to the participating artist.

thredup Clothes swapping meets Netflix
Fashion & beauty

thredUP looks for good matches in the virtual closets of members to
find items that might be suitable for swap-ready users. It sends them
one such item for each thredUP envelope they've purchased.

orbitbabyRotating baby stroller with eco-creds
Lifestyle & leisure

The foldable stroller features 360 degree rotation that allows the
child to face forward, back or even sideways, while a twist-and-lift
mechanism permits one-handed folding.

flightcaster New tool for predicting flight delays
Tourism & travel / Life hacks

Using a patent-pending algorithm, Flightcaster claims that it can
predict more than 95 percent of delays to flight arrivals up to six
hours in advance.


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