Twitter: Worth $7,142,857 a Character

Twitter is looking for $100M from the investment community - and that equates to approximately $1B in market capitalization for the company. Well Twitter is based upon the concept of micro blogging with their input box capped at 140 characters. Well, the math is simple - $1B divided by 140 characters equals $7,142,857 per character.

Not bad. If you think through this scenario - our over stimulated world is beginning to reward simplicity. Think about another Internet success - Google. They became a multi-billion dollar company - creating lots of millions - with a very simple page, one input box, and one function. As our world becomes more complex, we are really looking for things that are simple to both understand and use. That may be why Apple has had such success with both the iPod and the iPhone - it's simple to understand. The iPod was a music player and attached to a music store. The iPhone with it's touch screen is and simple navigation is really fairly simple to use for such a technologically advance products.

So, if you're thinking about doing something new - start thinking about making whatever it is simplier. Instead of thinking about everything that can be added to make it "cool" to you - start taking feature and function away to make it simple to use. The key of success for the next few years may be "less is more" and "quality over quantity" - think about it and see if you don't notice the same pattern.

Here are some stories about Twitters search for money....


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