Car + Plane + 20 Hours + $200K = Fun in the Sun!

OK - a bit dramatic on the title, but this is one of those really cool things. The Terrafugia Transition has received approval by FAA to fly [and assuming the NTSB to drive on the streets]. It is a hybrid Car+Plane [actually they call it a "drivable aircraft"]- that is classified as a "light sport aircraft" and only requires a sport pilot license [and of course a regular driver's license for road use]. They mention that you could be flying with about 20 hours of training - not bad for a flying car [I mean a drivable aircraft].

Now you can reserve one today for $10K and the delivered price is expected to be about $200K. But you won't get it until sometime in 2012 - so don't expect to get one for your vacation this summer.

There are other cool features [as if a flying car was not enough] and I would imagine these are still "estimates" because the plan is still in testing and really commercially available...

  • Uses standard unleaded gas [just fill up on your way home]
  • Airspeed is approximately 120 mph - fuel burn 5 gallons per hour
  • Land speed up to 65 mph and 30 mpg
  • Range is 450 miles [assume that's flying]
  • Store in your garage
  • Cargo area can hold skis, fishing poles, golf clubs [see a pattern here?]
  • Emergency parachute [this is a really good idea]
What ever you may think about this Flying Car / Drivable Plane - you have to admit it's really cool that it works and is approved to be sold. This is a much better idea than the Car/Boat thingy.


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