Copyright Office says, "It's your phone, screw it up!"

The US Federal Government [well at least the Copyright Office] believes you should have the right to "jailbreak or root" you phone - regardless of your ability to deal with the consequences. The ruling today takes some legal wind out of Apple's sails, because they previous had the ability to "stop" developers and users from using unauthorized applications on the iPhone. Now in Apple's defense, they like to have 100% control of the hardware, operation environment and software - "for the good of the user".

Regardless of the reason, the Copyright office said that it is not illegal to jailbreak an iPhone - but that help if you screw something up and you want Apple to fix it under the warranty. You Breaky, You Fixy....
  • Copyright Office says jailbreaking your iPhone no longer violates copyright law
  • If users want software not in the App Store, they need to jailbreak their phone
  • But Apple could pursue breach of contract [based upon Terms of Use - but every unlikely] against individuals that jailbreak their phone
  • BTW, it's already legal to unlock your used iPhone for use with another mobile carrier
So go ahead and exercise your freedoms and get to Jailbreaking!!


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