Springwise for June 23rd | This week's most smile-worthy new business ideas

Well - there are always good ideas out there, and Springwise helps bring those ideas to us.  Check these ideas out and see if any would fit for your business.  Or take two or three of them and combine them for a fresh look.  Remember, innovation is not about original thinking, it's about original integration.  Enjoy!

Springwise newsletter | New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds 

ezface Digital mirrors let customers try on cosmetics
Fashion & beauty / Marketing & advertising

Customers snap a digital self-portrait using the mirror's camera.
They can then scan a product's barcode to see it 'applied' to their
self-portait, using a touchscreen interface to select different colours.

sibesonke Social networking from any basic phone
Telecom & mobile / Media & publishing

There's no need to upgrade a phone or establish an internet
connection; rather, Sibesonke works using SMS and a standard
text-based browsing protocol.

wheresmytip Tipping cards for travellers enable cashless gratuities
Life hacks / Tourism & travel

Where's My Tip cards can be dished out to service providers such as
doormen. The recipient then goes online and makes a tip request to
the giver, who can pay them electronically by credit card or PayPal.

sharehappy Ice cream vending machine activated by a smile
Marketing & advertising / Food & beverage

Share Happy machines use facial recognition technology to discern a
person's age, gender and emotion. A big smile is rewarded with a free
ice cream. An image of the consumer can be uploaded to Facebook.

vocabu Vocabulary tool uses Twitter for social learning
Education / Media & publishing

Berlitz's Vocabu helps people build vocabulary when learning a
language by featuring examples from Twitter and Flickr. Users can
set and share their weekly goals and form groups to learn together.

nextrestaurant Themed restaurant will sell seating by the ticket
Food & beverage

Next Restaurant will select its menus 'from great moments in culinary
history'. Bookings will be taken via online ticketing, like for a theatre
or sporting event, rather than by conventional table reservations.

lazypatch Duvet suits & boots for cold-weather lounging
Lifestyle & leisure / Fashion & beauty

Australian Lazypatch has created the Duvet Suit and other lounging
gear aimed at keeping consumers warm while they reduce their
energy usage at night. There's a choice of polyester or down fill.

slide_t3 Airport's four-storey slide rewards duty-free spending
Tourism & travel / Marketing & advertising

Singapore's Changi Airport has installed a giant 12m high slide, plus
a smaller version for less intrepid riders. Travellers who spend money
at airport shops receive tokens allowing them to ride the slides.

ecoscraps Compost service for businesses sells the soil it creates
Eco & sustainability

Utah-based Eco Scraps collects leftover food from grocery stores
and restaurants and turns it into valuable organic soil conditioner
for sale at local nurseries and gardening retailers.

containers2clinics Pop-up container clinic boosts health care in Haiti
Non-profit, social cause

Containers to Clinics is converting shipping containers into frontline
health centres. The first will soon open in Port-au-Prince and provide
treatment, vaccinations, and infectious disease testing.

reflectivelace Reflective lace combines style and safety for cyclists
Fashion & beauty / Transportation

Reflective Lace, also known as 'LFLECT', can be sewn into or worn
over regular clothing - or even used as a hairband - by cyclists
wishing to enhance their visibility with an unusual decoration.

paywithatweet Selling products for the price of a tweet
Marketing & advertising / Media & publishing

Pay with a Tweet is a platform that lets content owners 'sell'
content such as books or audio in exchange for a single promotional
tweet to the downloader's social network rather than for cash.



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