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catchafire Professionals found for nonprofits that need their help
Non-profit, social cause

Catchafire takes into account the skills, cause interests and
availability of those wishing to volunteer when finding a match with
nonprofits and social enterprises that need professional assistance.

newdinnerinthesky Dine, dance, drink and play, 50m above the ground
Entertainment / Food & beverage

Dinner in the Sky's latest eating experience features eight lighted
tables situated around a central bar, and seats similar to those on
an aircraft -- appropriately enough for a venue suspended in mid-air.

redcrossnz Retailer & Red Cross reward consumers for recycling
Non-profit, social cause / Fashion & beauty / Retail

New Zealand consumers who include a gently used Country Road
garment in donations to participating Red Cross shops will receive
a voucher for use towards future purchases at Country Road stores.

kidfresh Healthy meals for kids, now in the frozen aisle
Food & beverage

Packed with hidden vegetables but free of artificial flavours, colours,
and preservatives, Kidfresh organic and natural meals for kids are
now available frozen in US supermarkets.

wewood One tree planted for each wooden watch sold
Style & design / Eco & sustainability

Los Angeles-based WeWood crafts wooden watches that are
free of artificial and toxic materials. The company plants a
new tree for every watch it sells.

edge Controlled crowdsourcing, by invite only
Marketing & advertising

Edge Amsterdam recruits talent via art schools and other
connections to form a network, guided and coached by experienced
professionals, working on product and brand innovations.

fashiontech Five concepts combining fashion and technology
Fashion & beauty

Shape-shifting robotic mannequins in virtual fitting rooms, customer
body scans to create onscreen models, Facebook in fitting rooms,
and apps to estimate bra sizes and get feedback on outfit ideas.

adioso Flexible travel search tool uses natural language
Tourism & travel

Adioso's travel search engine can handle searches containing
flexible dates and destinations. Examples: "San Francisco to NYC
late October" or "Austin to anywhere under $200 next week".

solvemedia Captcha-style tool uses adverts for user verification
Marketing & advertising

In place of nonsensical text in website user authentification tools,
Solve Media has come up with a tool that displays a small ad and
requires users to prove they're not robots by typing in the ad slogan.

novacut Open video project aims to spur independent TV
Media & publishing / Entertainment

The Novacut project's free video editor can be used to make TV
programmes using regular HDSLR cameras. They're working on
a video player for fans to find, watch and support the results.

dropshot Cleaning products in refill packets for dilution at home
Eco & sustainability

A packet of DropShot's concentrated cleaning solution mixed with
regular tap water and given a good shake will yield a full bottle of
commercial-strength household cleaner.

blockyourex Tool removes past flames from one's social networks
Life hacks / Media & publishing

Tell Block Your Ex someone's name along with his or her Twitter
identity, Facebook page and blog URL, and the tool will wipe that
person right out of your online life. The first five exes are free.

kidzcomics Medical comic books for kids explain serious diseases
Media & publishing / Education

New Zealand-based Kidzcomics has launched series of comic books
designed to help children understand serious diseases and medical
conditions, and the treatments required to fight them.

ecosolatec Solar-powered pest control
Eco & sustainability

Powered by built-in solar panels and pollution-free, the Solar Trap
uses a near-ultraviolet lamp to attract mosquitoes, moths and other
bugs, and then propel them by fan into an inescapable netting.



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