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p7coffee 7 coffee blends, 7 charitable causes
Non-profit, social cause / Food & beverage

Texas-based Project7's coffees are from small farms that are certified
Fair Trade and USDA Organic. Sold through coffee-of-the-month
subscriptions, each coffee blend is attached to a specific cause.

creekwatch iPhone app lets citizens help monitor local waterways
Eco & sustainability / Telecom & mobile

Creek Watch will let people participate in maintaining the quality of
their local waterways. Site reports made using the app will be
aggregated into maps and tables and shared with water boards.

littlelibrarian Personal library kit for kids
Lifestyle & leisure / Media & publishing

The Little Librarian kit lets a child create their own library using
file folders, book pockets, book and library cards, reading awards,
bookmarks, overdue slips and a reading journal. Just add books.

veloveggies More bike-delivered farm produce, now in Minnesota
Food & beverage / Eco & sustainability

VeloVeggies will home-deliver boxes of veggies produced by
community agriculture projects, and pick up compostable waste
for delivery to compost processors and community gardens.

harimayahonten Rice cracker brand's cafes serve free drinks & snacks
Food & beverage / Marketing / Non-profit, social cause

Harimaya Honten's Free Cafes serve up coffee and teas for no charge,
along with the traditional rice snacks for which the company is known.
Patrons are merely asked to behave with courtesy and mutual respect.

eflirtexpert Coaching service helps singles with online dating
Lifestyle & leisure

New York-based eFlirt Expert is a company that strives to help singles
market themselves well online and then successfully navigate the
transition into the real world.

zipcarnyc New York officials test-drive car-sharing with Zipcar
Government / Transportation

New York City Department of Transportation employees will share 25
Zipcar vehicles by day for official business. Outside of working hours
the cars will be made available to the general public through Zipcar.

bonbonbalm Artisan lip balms by monthly subscription
Fashion & beauty / Retail

For GBP 5 per month, UK-based Bonbon sends customers a
variety of attractively packaged lip balms made using only natural
and, where possible, organic and fair-trade ingredients.

myoocreate Helping brands crowdsource sustainable solutions
Eco & sustainability

Myoo Create aims to help organisations put the crowds to work
solving environmental and social challenges. Prizes are offered
for the solution chosen by judges and for the most popular idea.

themeatloafbakery Bringing cupcake style to the homely meatloaf
Food & beverage

Chicago's Meatloaf Bakery is adding visual appeal to one of
America's favourite comfort foods. Meatloaf 'cupcakes', 'pastries' and
bite-size 'loafies' are prepared as beautifully as a high-end dessert.

creativeeveryone Curated guide to creative events
Media & publishing

Creative Everyone uses an international network of editors to post
what they think are the most worthwhile events in their areas of
interest and region. Several cities in the UK and US are covered.

recyclematch Matching industrial waste with firms that can reuse it
Eco & sustainability

Houston-based RecycleMatch helps companies with unwanted waste
find others that could reuse it. Owners can list items on the site for
free; fees are charged for successful matches or for 'wanted' listings.


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