Being Real as Opposed to Getting Real

I got an email today from one of the many email newsletters I subscribe to - nothing really new and existing about that. But what was new - was the tone of this email. The Author apologized for having a great year last year - and probably getting off the track - in the name of building business.

He then when on to state who [and why] he wanted to do business with. He clearly stated in the email that if you don't fit please feel free to unsubscribe - no harm no foul. I find that blunt honesty refreshing.

He decided he didn't want to be everything to everybody - he wanted to be a somebody to a few people - that he could really help and educate. No excuses. If you don't fit - that's fine - because he's not really there to help you. If you don't understand - he's not there to help you.

We all should be that honest in your business and personal lives.


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