What is passion?

We've all heard the saying "Do what you love and the money will follow." I kinda believe that statement - but it's not a hard and fast rule in life. There are plenty of people that are doing what they love - and have no real money to show for it. Probably a better statement would be "Do what you love and happiness will follow [and sometimes money tag along."

So how do you determine "what you love"? Well, one of the best ways to figure that out is to look at those ideas that just won't leave you alone. Maybe you've had these ideas for years and you have not really done anything with them. These hopes, dreams, thoughts, goals, and possibilities consume you - when your mind and life are quiet, you think about them. When asked "if you had a $1M, what would you do...?" - this is the thing that pops into your mind.

Now, it's easy for someone writing a blog post, or a book, or speaking at a conference to tell you "Just follow these passions. Don't listen to the skeptics and naysayers. They are just trying to keep you in the herd, they don't want to you have courage, because they don't." That's easy. Hearing and doing are two different things. Getting all jazzed about "following your heart" is great until the rent comes due or your kids want to enjoy another activity. It's a hard place to be - wanting to follow a dream, and dealing with the realities of life. [like the fact that Walmart does not a heightened sense of passion at the cash register]

I don't really have any answers. I believe most people just allow their lives to unfold in front of them most of the time. The few times in life they took the reigns - they had a sense of what it is to be fully alive - but that feeling is not for everyone. Everything has it's time and place. But that does not mean we should give up dreaming - give up on having some lust for life.

Keep going and keep dreaming.

Passions are those ideas that don't leave you alone. They are the hopes, dreams and possibilities that consume your thoughts. Follow those passions despite skeptics and naysayers, who do not have the courage to follow their dreams.


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