I still don't quite get it....

The whole thing about "cloud" computing. I mean I understand how delivery is different - take music as an example. When I was in high school - it was about having a kick-ass stereo in your room with speakers that made the walls shake. Now music is bit more personal and instead of stacks of records, there's a thing that fits in your pocket with ear phones.

So is music different or just the delivery and store? Radio is another adjunct to that music "ecosystem" - I'm listening to Pandora right now, and they are serving me music (like radio did when I was in high school) - but it's different. But I still like radio - with technology, I can listen to my favorite radio station in the world - KBCO in Boulder. I couldn't do that a few years ago.

So it Cloud the new thing - or just another step along the path? It is a technology thing or a tech delivery thing? Like I said - I don't necessarily get it, mostly because I saw this coming a few years ago, when Amazon decided to start selling their extra capacity so they could pay their bills a bit easier between holiday selling seasons.


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